Be part of the solution, not another statistic.

IYMD a non-profit providing solutions to medicated driving before it becomes a problem.
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Mission Statement

Providing a solution to Medicating Driving before it becomes a problem with education, community involvement, victim assistance and our IYMD  Ride Home for Medicated Drivers.  If You Medicate Designate.

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IYMD Developing a Solution

First Two Steps to a Solution

IYMD knows the solution starts with you.  You are the solutioin to Medicated Driving.  We need you to do a few things to help IYMD provide a solution before it becomes a problem.

Donate to IYMD


Take the Pledge

IYMD Ride Home

Next Steps to a Solution

The final two steps to help IYMD provide a solution are about your commitment to the cause.  Show us you are committed to taking the pledge and signing up for our IYMD Ride Home program.  If You Medicate Designate.

How the IYMD Ride Home Program Works

Sign Up for IYMD Benefits and Ride Home Program

Step One

Sign Up for IYMD Membership and take the Pledge.

Sign Up for IYMD Membership and take the pledge to Medicate Designate use the IYMD  Ride Home Program.


If You Medicate Designate a Driver

If you don’t have a designated driver use the IYMD Ride Program.


Contact IYMD  Ride Home 

We arrange pickup from a ridesharing partner at little or no charge and get you home safely.


Relax Your Home 

Time to relax you made it home safely without an accident or being pulled over.  Thanks for using IYMD Ride Home Prograrm.

IYMD Business Partnerships

Business Partnerships

IYMD has several Business Partnership to help get out our message, If You Medicate Designate.

  • Stragtegic Partner
  • Media Partner
  • Local Partner
  • Dispensary Partner
  • Supporting Partner

Presenting Partner

A partnership that utilizes the Presenting Partners knowledge and presence in the Cannabis Industry to help make sure If You Medicate Designate solutions are acheived.   Contact us to see if your business qualifies for this partnership.

Dispensary Partner

The most important partnerships we are developing, are with Dispensary Partners. This partner shares the same focus of eliminating medicated driving.  Many partnership opportunities available.

Stragtegic partner

A cannabis related business partnership, we share the same industry and value our customers.  This partnership helps find ways we can work together to provide answers and solutions for our industry.

Supporting Partner

Businesses that have other ways of helping IYMD that are not monetary.  We need volunteers to drive in your area. Support comes in all forms and IYMD needs all the support your business can offer.  Partner with us today to become part of the solution.

Local Partner

Local business is one of the keys to IYMD success.  We look to build local partnership with companies that share the same philosophy of If You Medicate Designate.  We custom each local partnership to the business that we are working with.

Media Partner

Our message can be received with our Media Partnerships.   IYMD has several opportunities to develop partnerships with Media Business within our industry and outside of our industry.

Coming Soon.. Mobile IYMD

Make sure you take us with you on your mobile.  Sign up for a free membership and if you are Medicated and must drive, get a hold of IYMD and we will get you home safely.

If You Medicate Designate.

IYMD Pledge

Be Part of the Solution.  Not Another statistic

Take our Pledge not to Medicate and Drive so you dont become one of these stats about Medicated Driving.

Take the Pledge Today!

Take Our Pledge to Not Medicate and Drive

FIll out the form below to take the pledge

Cannabis Related Accidents & Driving statistic
  • Increase in Cannabis Related Accidents Last 10 Years 30% 30%
  • Increase in Potency of Cannabis 75% 75%
  • States in the United States with Legal Cannabis 50% 50%
  • Increase Distractions like phone texting, 85% 85%
  • IYMD is Commitment to Get You Home Safe 100% 100%

Number of States with Cannabis DUI Laws


As the increase in the number of states that are recreational or medically legal in the United States so has the crackdown on driving while Medicated.  IYMD goal is to eliminate Medicated Driving Accidents by providing ride homes with our Medicate Designate Ride Home Program, education, prevention, victim resources and community involvement.

Here is a breakdown of which states that IYMD will have their program available, a list of states that are currently legal for recreational and medical, and a list of states that currently have laws regarding driving while Medicated.

We have also included some helpful information if by chance you get pulled over while you are Medicated.

Stay safe and If You Medicate Designate.



 IYMD States


Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, DC, Maryland, Michigan, Louisiana, Illinois, Minnesota, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, California, Florida, and Hawaii.


DC, Colorado, Washington, Oregon, California, Massachusetts, Maine. Nevada  and Alaska

Arizona         Zero tolerance for THC and metabolites

Colorado        Reasonable inference for THC (5 ng)

Delaware          Zero tolerance for THC and metabolites

Georgia          Zero tolerance for THC and metabolites

Illinois             Zero tolerance for THC and metabolites

Indiana           Zero tolerance for THC and metabolites

Iowa                 Zero tolerance for THC

Michigan        Zero tolerance for THC

Montana        THC per se (5 ng)

Nevada            THC per se (2 ng)

Ohio                 THC per se (2 ng)

Oklahoma        Zero tolerance for THC and metabolites

Pennsylvania   THC per se (1 ng)

Rhode Island   Zero tolerance for THC and metabolites

South Dakota  Zero tolerance for THC and metabolites

Utah                    Zero tolerance for THC and metabolites

Washington      THC per se (5 ng)

Wisconsin     Zero tolerance for THC

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