About IYMD


IYMD is a Nonprofit- 501(c)3 based in Arizona. IYMD was created to ensure safer roads and neighborhoods for legal marijuana consumers and their local communities.  in this new era of cannabis legalization. IYMD accepts donations from patient pledges, sponsorship, and sales of supporting gear to fund our RIDE HOME Program. The RIDE HOME Program is a resource for legal MMJ consumers who find themselves medicated and in need of a safe ride home. Our donations also fuel community assistance, events and legislative changes in the legal cannabis movement. Legal MMJ patients that take the IYMD membership pledge receive various levels of discounted rides and services from the IYMD family of Sponsors, Dispensaries & Merchants. All of our Sponsors are committed to If You Medicate Designate and contribute to the awareness and cause through services and monetary donations.

What your Donation Dollars Help Support

  • RIDE HOME Program 50% 50%
  • Research/Prevention & Awareness 20% 20%
  • Community Education 7% 7%
  • IYMD Administration 23% 23%
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IYMD in the Legalized Marijuana States

We are currently running our beta program in Arizona, and will only be able to service states that have enacted legal marijuana laws for either medical or recreational.

If You Medicate Designate!