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Our business partnership is set up on customer bases.  Please fill out the contact form below and we will get back as soon as possible.   Thank you for taking the time to inquire about Partnerships with IYMD.

Examples of some of our Business Partnerships Levels and

Supporter— Supporting organizations are non-monetary. A Supporting organization donates services, goods, personnel and time to IYMD. Supporters give a one-year commitment to our pledges.

Contributor — Contributing organizations support IYMD by asking to keep the change from every transaction they do and donate it to the safe ride home fund. Contributors give a one-year commitment to our pledges.

Alliance — Alliance organizations support IYMD by purchasing a donation kit for containing IYMD gear. The Alliance organization sponsors the gear to volunteer personnel at local events. Alliances is a one-year commitment to our pledges.

Sponsor — Sponsor organizations support by donating directly to IYMD. Sponsoring organizations have a minimum donation of $20k *Bronze Level. Sponsors a one-year commitment to our pledges.

NOTE: Sponsor levels: *Silver 35k, *Gold 50k, *Platinum 75k level Sponsors.

Media Sponsor — Media Sponsor supports IYMD by providing full page add in every periodical issued that year. Promotes IYMD on Social Media, Website, and dives space at events. Media Sponsors give a one-year commitment to our pledges.

Ride Share Partner (RSP) The RSP supports IYMD by offering a dollar match into the RSP fund placed with the RSP.


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