State Marijuana Driving Laws



States Marijuana Driving Laws

Time have changed when you could get high on marijuana and drive without a big concern, with the move for more an more recreational and medical legal marijuana states, law enforcement is coming up with new laws, new testing and more awareness for Medicated driving.   With marijuana potency getting to all time THC levels, the effect on people operating motor vehicles has increase dramatically in state that have legalized marijuana, a study in Washington stated.

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IYMD is dedicated to If You Medicate Designate.  There are more States Marijuana Driving Laws so we like to provide you with the best information, laws and guidelines for you to better understand the risks of driving medicated and the potential for accidents and possible death.  First thing IYMD would like to tell you, if you are Medicated contact IYMD and get a free ride home, that’s why we were created.  To provide a solution before this becomes a problem.  People that medicate know they are not like drunk drivers, but the proof is in the pudding, we need to show it.

Look over the States Marijuana Driving Laws, find your state know your limits and where level of a DUI is for Marijuana Driving.   If you have any questions or concerns, new data or would like to get in contact with us please feel to email us.

Thanks for your support.   Donations at IYMD go towards a solution before it becomes a problem.

states marijuana driving laws